Heart on a Sleeve

We live in two worlds simultaneously - the "real" and the virtual one, the boundary between them becoming almost indistinguishable. The Internet gives us possibility to curate versions of ourselves and allows anonymity. We use it every day to share the most intimate and most ordinary parts of our lives with people that we don’t even know.

Heart on a Sleeve speculates on how our interactions would change if those two worlds, physical and digital, could merge in a form that adds another dimension to interpersonal communication.

The purpose of it is to allow users to experience the emotions of other people, and projecting their own, so they can be read.
Featured in:

PRIMER, 2018

Edition, 2017

GSA, 2017

Postgraduate Degree Show, Glasgow, 2017

It’s a twin device consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. Emotional code is recorded on a heart-shaped electronic chip which is then read by a conductive tattoo, calibrated to each owner’s perception, changing colours according to an emotion received.
It could be used to projecta real feeling in the moment or a previously saved one, that doesn’t have to match your current mood. It extends the boundaries of perception, being an additional sense.
What would you use it for, and would you at all?

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