The Mack Project

The Mack Project is a concept of an interactive platform and a visual database for the memories that people have with the Mackintosh building, an iconic home to Glasgow School of Art that in 2014 and 2018 went through fires that left it majorly damaged.

Since 1909 the Mack uninterruptedly served as a house for culture, arts and design. Neither both world wars nor the social and economic changes took that role away, earning the Mack an informal title of a Living Building. The fire in 2014 was the first ever factor that forced the doors of the Mack to close, leaving people attached to it in a feeling similar to mourning, as said by many.

The Mack Project is a digital service that allows former students, employees and enthusiasts of the Mack to reconnect with the building and with each other remotely.
It’s a base of memories that could be positioned physically within a model of the building, allowing exploration of former events in a geographical context and giving an option to find connections between them, reuniting with those who you lost touch with.

It allows remote participation in the experience which is the Mack, and contribution to its living history and to the celebration of the opening.

Featured in:

Innovation from Tradition, exhibition,GSA, 2017

In collaboration with:

Anushree Dey
Isabell Ferreira
Lorenzo Lattanzi
Vasileia Papanastasiou
Add your memory - from when you were a student, a member of staff or a visitor.
When the cube is clicked on, your memory appears for everybody to read.

Explore all the memories or filter them by category - if you’re only interested in romantic on conflicting stories, the filters allow you to do that.

When you click “connections” you can discover links between various memories, possibly finding some long lost friends (or maybe that boy you made out with in the corridor 20 years ago).

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